EDB Postgres Advanced Server - DBA Essentials

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Course Duration: 3 days
Course Manual

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This course gives students a unique opportunity to get trained and certified on the essentials for EDB Postgres Advanced Server database administration, to enhance skill proficiency using the latest and most powerful version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Essentials is a five-day course that teaches the essential techniques for how to design, implement and manage EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Learn how to administer enterprise-scale data solutions using the different features and tools available in EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Upon course completion, attendees will have the essential skills required to install, configure, manage and maintain EDB Postgres Advanced Server and will be prepared to manage large, highly available databases and their security requirements with confidence.

  • DBAs
  • Architects
  • System Administrators
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and want to understand how to use the primary features.
A working knowledge of relational databases and a basic knowledge of Linux.
EDB Postgres Advanced Server - Associate
  • Introduction to EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • System Architecture and Processes
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Creating and Managing Databases
  • User Tools – Command Line and GUI
  • Security
  • SQL Primer
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Point in Time Recovery
  • Routine Maintenance Tasks
  • Data Dictionary
  • Moving Data
  • EDB*Plus
  • EDB*Loader
  • Tablespaces – creating and using
  • Oracle Compatibility
  • Migrating Oracle Objects to EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • Database Migration Assessment
  • Migration Toolkit