Database Backup & Recovery Strategy for Oracle Cloud

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Course Duration: 1 days
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The Database Backup & Recovery Strategy for Oracle Cloud course teaches you how to align or redesign your backup and recovery strategy either post migration or in preparation for your Oracle Database migration to Oracle Cloud.

This course is ideal for experienced DBAs who want to learn to manage backups on Oracle Cloud and take advantage of Cloud features, such as capacity on demand, built-in encryption, and built-in compression. It covers backup and recovery topics, considerations, and use cases, which are applicable for various implementation techniques and Oracle Cloud Services.

Learn To:

  • Align your backup strategy on Oracle Cloud
  • Improve SLA for Data Security
  • Manage SLAs, RTO, and RPO requirements of the organization on Oracle Cloud
  • Back up your on-premises database to Oracle Cloud
  • Encrypt your database while backing up to Oracle Cloud
  • Explore the backup and restore mechanisms and utilities available on a database hosted on Database Cloud Service
  • Customize backups on Oracle Cloud
  • Discuss customer use cases for Oracle Cloud Database Backups

Benefits to You

You should benefit from the interactive sessions that discuss the following areas:

Backup & Recovery Strategy

Expert Oracle University instructors provide an overview of what can change in a backup & recovery strategy involving the Oracle Cloud environment. With this, you can set up the backup environment as per your organizational requirement.

Benefits of Backing Up to Oracle Cloud

You get a deeper understanding of the benefits of backing up your database to Oracle Cloud. You will learn the special considerations while performing backups to Oracle Cloud either for your on-premises databases or databases hosted on Database Cloud Service.

Backup & Recovery Utilities

Finally, you'll learn how Backup utilities will assist you in database backup and database recovery for both single-instance and RAC databases. This will help you better manage your administrative tasks and also improve SLAs.

Ideal for Experienced DBAs

Taking this hands-on training will prepare DBAs for Cloud DBA certification exams.

  • Database Administrators
  • System Administrator
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud System Integrators
  • Cloud Database Administrators
  • Cloud Data Architects
  • Cloud Technical Consultants
  • Cloud Architect
Required Prerequisites: 12c R2: Admin Workshop; 12c R2: Backup and Recovery Workshop; 12c: RAC Admin; 12c: Data Guard Admin; 12c: Clusterware Admin
Will prepare DBAs for Cloud DBA certification exams
  • Describe the backup and recovery solutions and assess recovery requirements
  • Identify the need for backing up to Cloud and explain the challenges with a conventional backup infrastructure
  • Describe Storage Cloud Service and Backup Encryption
  • Describe the high-level architecture of Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Explain the features of RMAN Compression and Encryption when using with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Monitor and manage Cloud backups, and explain the best practices when using Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Describe the architecture of Oracle Cloud Backup when used with Cloud-deployed databases
  • Describe the backup strategy on DBCS
  • Perform backup operations for single-instance and RAC databases
  • Describe on-premises and Cloud backup configuration
  • Customize the current backup configuration
  • Describe the restore and recovery methods and explain the process
  • Explain various recovery scenarios
  • Explain the backup and recovery strategy, and how a change in strategy impacts database administration tasks
  • Describe various use cases

Backup and Recovery Strategy - What Is It? Why Would You Want to Align It?

  • Service Level Agreement and Available Oracle Solution: Customer Case Study
  • Recovery SLAs: Customer Case Study & Cloud Infrastructure for Backup and Archive: Top Preference
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions & Conventional Database Backup: Best Practices
  • What Can Change in This Strategy? & Factors That Can Influence This Change
  • What Keeps You Awake at Night?
  • Assess Recovery Requirements & Oracle Data Protection Solutions
  • Recovery Analysis: Intelligent, Guided Recovery & Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy - What Makes a Good Backup Strategy?

Back Up Your Oracle Database - to Oracle Cloud

  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service Low-Cost Offsite Cloud Storage for Oracle Database Backups
  • Backup Encryption & Transparent Encryption of Backups
  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service: End-to-End Flow Simple Four-Step Process
  • RMAN Operations Supported with Cloud Backups All Typical BACKUPSET Operations
  • Cloud Backup: Multi-Tiered Backup Strategy Using Database Backup Service for Tier 1, 2, or 3 Backup
  • Why Backup to Oracle Cloud? & Challenges with Conventional Backup Infrastructure
  • Architectural Overview of Oracle Cloud Storage Service
  • Client Side: Database Support Matrix

Back Up Your On-Premises Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud

  • RMAN Compression and Encryption Cloud Defaults
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Backup Service: Four Simple Steps & Installing the Backup Module
  • Architecture of Oracle Cloud Backup when Used with On-Premises Databases
  • Monitor the Storage Usage in the Cloud Service Dashboard & Management Interfaces for Cloud Backups
  • Storing Backups in Custom Containers
  • Required Configuration Files for Cloud Backup & Configuring Parallelism
  • Oracle Database Backup Service in a Nutshell & Backing Up to Cloud: Best Practices

Managing DBCS Backups on Oracle Cloud

  • Backup Operations in DBCS
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy: Choosing a Backup Destination & Default Backup Configuration
  • Architecture of Oracle Cloud Backup when Used with Cloud Deployed Databases
  • Utilities for Backup and Recovery of the Database Deployment
  • Use Case: Demonstrate Rapid Provisioning of a Database in DBCS Using a Production Database Backup
  • Database Backup Options on DBCS
  • Cloud Backup Performance Analysis
  • Creating an On-Demand Backup on DBCS

Customizing Backup Configuration on DBCS

  • Use Case: Offsite Backups for Business Critical Database
  • Use Case: DB Server Not Connected to Internet
  • Use Case: Offsite Backups for Non-Critical Database
  • Customizing the Backup Configuration
  • Customizing the Current Backup Configuration on Database Deployments Hosting Single-Instance Databases & Oracle RAC Databases
  • Use Case: Tape and Additional Offsite Backups
  • DBCS Default Backup Configuration
  • On-Premises Backup Versus Cloud Backup Configuration

Review Your Backup and Recovery Strategy on DBCS

  • Restore and Recovery Methods
  • Restore and Recovery Process
  • Restoring from a Specific Backup
  • Re-creating an Unrecoverable Database Deployment from a Backup to Cloud Storage
  • Restoring to a Specific Point in Time
  • Restoring from the Most Recent Backup
  • Recovery Scenarios

Use Case – Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service

  • Oracle Database Backup and Recovery to the Cloud: Business Benefits
  • Use Case: Database Consolidation
  • Use Case: Tiered Storage for Database Backups
  • Traditional Backup Tiered Storage Versus Oracle Database Backup Cloud Storage Service
  • Use Case: Database Backup Cloud Service for Migration Large US-based Financial Regulatory Authority
  • Use Case: Disaster Recovery to Cloud Using Backups
  • Backup Cloud: Tiered Storage for Database Backups
  • How Customers Use Database Backup Cloud Service?