Implementing Oracle Audit Vault NEW

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Course Duration: 2 days
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Learn how to use Oracle Audit Vault. Oracle Audit Vault is a powerful enterprise-wide audit solution to efficiently consolidate, detect, monitor, alert and report on audit data for security auditing and compliance.

Oracle Audit Vault provides the ability to consolidate audit data and critical events from various systems such as databases, application servers, applications, and operating systems into a centralized and secure audit warehouse.

In this course, students install Audit Vault and configure audit data sources. They learn how to manage audit settings and audit vault alerts. In addition, they learn how to use the Audit Vault Dashboard and reporting functionality. The version of Oracle Database that Oracle Audit Vault uses is 10g Release 2.


Learn To:

  • Consolidate audit data and critical events from various database systems
  • Use Audit Vault policy manager to view and provision Oracle Database audit policies centrally
  • Define alerts to provide real-time notification of out-policy activity
  • Use Audit Vault reports to meet security compliance regulations
  • Database Administrators
  • Sales Consultants
  • Security Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consult
  • Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I Release 2
    • Install Audit Vault
    • Administer Audit Vault Security
    • Configure Source Databases
    • Configure and Manage Audit Vault Collectors
    • Configure and Manage Audit Settings
    • Configure and Manage Audit Vault Alerts
    • Manage the Audit Vault Data Warehouse
    • Use the Audit Vault Dashboard
    • Create and View Audit Vault Reports
    • Monitor the Audit Vault Configuration

    Introduction to Oracle Audit Vault

    • Responding to Compliance Regulations
    • Problems with In-House Auditing Implementations
    • Oracle Audit Vault Features
    • Oracle Audit Vault Architecture and Components
    • Overview of Oracle Audit Vault Users
    • Overview of Oracle Database Vault
    • Overview of the Audit Vault Data Warehouse
    • Overview of Oracle Audit Vault Interfaces

    Installing the Oracle Audit Vault Server

    • Oracle Audit Vault Components
    • Types of Oracle Audit Vault Installations
    • Oracle Audit Vault Server Hardware Requirements
    • Understanding Oracle Audit Vault Storage Requirements
    • Included Oracle Options
    • Installing the Oracle Audit Vault Server
    • Performing an Advanced Installation of the Oracle Audit Vault Server
    • Performing the Oracle Audit Vault Server Patch Upgrade

    Installing the Oracle Audit Vault Collection Agent

    • Installing the Oracle Audit Vault Collection Agent
    • Performing the Audit Vault Collection Agent Patch Upgrade
    • Performing Post-Installation Tasks

    Configuring Oracle Audit Vault

    • Registering Sources and Deploying Collectors
    • Overview of Oracle Database Collectors
    • Configuring the Oracle Source Database for Collectors
    • Using the DBAUD Collector
    • Using the OSAUD Collector
    • Using the REDO Collector
    • Basic Steps to Register an Oracle Source Database and Deploy Collectors
    • Creating the Source User in the Source Database

    Managing Audit Settings

    • Using Audit Vault to Collect Audit Data
    • Introduction to Oracle Database Auditing
    • Guidelines for Auditing
    • Database Auditing (graphic)
    • Enabling Auditing on the Source Database
    • Performing Database Auditing
    • Fine-Grained Auditing
    • Auditing SYSDBA and SYSOPER Operations

    Configuring for Alerts and Reports

    • Setting the Time Zone for Reports and Alerts
    • Configuring Email Notifications
    • Configuring Trouble Ticket Notifications
    • Setting Up Notifications
    • Creating an Email Notification Profile
    • Creating an Email Notification Template
    • Creating a Trouble Ticket Template

    Using Oracle Audit Vault Reports

    • Find the Most-Accessed Objects and Failed Logins
    • Reporting Activities
    • Specifying Audit Event Categories
    • Viewing Specific Activity Reports
    • Filtering Report Data
    • Viewing and Filtering Compliance Reports
    • Scheduling the Creation of a Report
    • Viewing Comparison Snapshot Data in an Entitlement Report

    Configuring Alerts

    • Alert Processing
    • Creating and Responding to Alerts (general process for auditors)
    • Enabling and Disabling Alert Processing
    • Creating Alert Status Values
    • Viewing Alert Information on the Dashboard
    • Viewing Alerts
    • Responding to an Alert

    Securing Oracle Audit Vault

    • Oracle Audit Vault Security Components
    • Integration with Oracle Database Vault
    • Managing Users and Roles in the Audit Vault Server
    • Unlocking and Resetting User Passwords
    • Enabling SYSDBA Privilege Connections
    • Understanding Audit Vault Usage
    • Managing User Authentication Metadata
    • Securing the HTTP-Based Communication Channel

    Managing Your Oracle Audit Vault Configuration

    • Monitoring the SYSAUX Tablespace
    • Monitoring the Archived Redo Log Destination
    • Viewing Flash Recovery Area Usage Information
    • Managing Oracle Audit Vault Backup and Recovery Operations
    • Viewing the Status of Audit Vault Components
    • Managing Audit Vault Server Log and Error Files
    • Managing Audit Vault Collection Agent Log and Error Files
    • Troubleshooting Collection Agent Problems

    Managing the Oracle Audit Vault Data Warehouse

    • Audit Vault Data Warehouse Overview
    • Audit Vault Data Warehouse Schema
    • Understanding Dimensions
    • Audit Vault Data Warehouse Dimensions
    • Scheduling Data Warehouse Operations
    • Controlling the Data Warehouse Retention Time
    • Loading Additional Data Into the Data Warehouse
    • Purging the Data Warehouse