Oracle 11g: OCM Exam Prep Workshop Ed 2

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Course Duration: 5 days
Course Manual

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This Oracle Database 11g: OCM Exam Preparation Workshop is designed for those who are preparing to take the Oracle Database 11g Oracle Certified Master Exam. You'll review how to configure an Oracle Database 11g, Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle Data Guard, Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters through a combination of interactive instruction and hands-on exercises.

  • Configure the database server. 
  • Install the Enterprise Manager Grid Control. 
  • Manage database availability. 
  • Understand data management. 
  • Configure Data Guard. 
  • Install the Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters. 
  • Discuss concepts with respect to high availability and data management. 

Counts Toward Hands-On Certification Requirement

This course counts towards the hands-on course requirement for the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certification.
Please note that only Classroom Training courses meet the certification hands-on requirement. Self-Study Courses and Knowledge Center courses DO NOT meet the hands-on requirement.
  • Database Administrators 
  • Technical Administrator 
  • Technical Consultant
Great knowledge of 11g Database
  • Preparation for taking 11g OCM exam 
  • Understand & review topics required to take up 11g OCM exam
  • Server Configuration 
  • Managing Database Availability 
  • Data Management 
  • Data Warehouse Management 
  • Performance Management 
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control 
  • Data Guard 
  • Apendix: Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters