Oracle 12c: Use XML DB

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Course Duration: 5 days
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This Oracle Database 12c: Use XML DB training allows you to deep dive into the key features of Oracle XML DB. Through interactive instructions and hands-on exercises, expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to use Oracle XML DB to store, access, manipulate, validate, search, update, annotate, transform, generate, import and export XML data.

Learn To:
  • Manage XML storage in Oracle XML DB. 
  • Retrieve XML data in Oracle XML DB. 
  • Create and use indexes on XML data. 
  • Generate and manipulate XML in Oracle XML DB. 
  • Use the Oracle XML DB Repository. 
  • Manage changes in an XML schema. 
  • Import and export XML data. 
  • Update XML content using XQuery update. 
  • Search XML content using XQuery Full-Text search.
  • Application Developers 
  • Business Intelligence Developer 
  • Database Administrators 
  • Forms Developer 
  • J2EE Developer 
  • PL/SQL Developer
  • System Analysts 
  • Technical Consultant
Basic experience with SQL and PL/SQL
  • Use XQuery 
  • Update Use PL/SQL APIs for XML 
  • Import and Export XML data 
  • Use Full-Text Search 
  • Use the Oracle XML DB Repository 
  • Annotate XML Schemas 
  • Generate XML Data from the Database 
  • Explain the basic concepts of Oracle XML DB 
  • Store XML Data in Oracle XML DB 
  • Retrieve XML Data in Oracle XML DB 
  • Create and use XMLIndex index 
  • Manipulate XML data 
  • Generate XML data 
  • Create and use XMLType views 
  • Manage and Modify Storage After XML Schema Registration 
  • Use XQuery with Oracle XML DB
  • Questions About You 
  • Course Objectives 
  • Course Prerequisites 
  • Suggested Course Agenda 
  • Database Schema 
  • Appendixes 
  • Class Account Information 
  • Course Environments 

Introduction to Oracle XML
  • What is XML?
  •  Example: A Simple XML Document 
  • Markup Rules for Elements 
  • XML Attributes 
  • Well-Formed XML Documents 
  • Document Type Definitions (DTD) and XML Schemas 
  • Why Validate an XML Document 
  • XPath and XQuery 

Introduction to Oracle XML DB
  • Oracle XML DB 
  • Oracle XML DB: Benefit 
  • Oracle XML DB: Features 

Storing XML Data in Oracle XML DB
  • XMLType: Overview 
  • Describe XMLType storage options 
  • Create objects of XMLType 
  • Declaring an XMLType 
  • Insert data into XMLType 
  • XMLType Storage Characteristics 
  • XMLType Storage Models 
  • Specifying SQL Constraints 

Using XML Schema with Oracle XML DB
  • Using XML Schema with Oracle XML DB: Overview 
  • XMLType and XML Schema 
  • XML Schema Management 
  • Creating XML Schema-Based XMLType Tables and Columns 
  • Specifying Unstructured Storage of XML Schema-Based Data 
  • Managing Changes in an XML Schema 

Oracle XML DB Manageability
  • Oracle XML Schema Annotations 
  • Common Uses of XML Schema Annotations 
  • Annotations Methods 
  • Purchase-Order XML Schema: purchaseOrder.xsd
  • Annotated Purchase-Order XML Schema: purchaseOrder.xsd
  • Annotating an XML Schema by Using DBMS_XMLSCHEMA_ANNOTATE Annotation Subprogram Parameters 
  • Some of the Available Oracle XML DB XML Schema Elements Annotations 

Partitioning XMLType Tables
  • Partitioning concepts 
  • Ordered collection tables 
  • Partitioning XMLType tables and columns stored object-relationally 
  • Specifying partitioning information for an XMLType base table 
  • Partition maintenance 
  • Online partition redefinition for ordered collection tables 
  • Partitioning Binary XML Tables 

Using XQuery to Retrieve XML Data in Oracle XML DB
  • Retrieving XML content 
  • Using FLWOR expressions: review 
  • XQuery support in Oracle Database 
  • Querying the database: relational data 
  • Querying the database: XMLType data 
  • Querying XMLType data by using SQL/XML standard functions 

Querying XMLType data by using SQL/XML standard functions
  • Migrating from Oracle Functions for Updating XML Data to XQuery Update XQuery Update Snapshots 
  • Updating XML Data 
  • Updating an Entire XML Document 
  • General Syntax for an XQuery Update 
  • Replacing XML Nodes (Current State) 
  • Replacing XML Nodes (Updated State) 
  • Updating XML Data to NULL Values Considerations 

Search XML Content Using XQuery
  • Full-Text Full-Text Search Capabilities 
  • Available Documentation 
  • Full-Text contains Expression 
  • Indexing for XQuery Full Text 
  • Requirements for Creating XQuery Full Text Index 
  • Indexing for XQuery Full Text: Best Performance 
  • Using XML Schema-Based Data with XQuery Full Text 
  • Error ORA-18177: Using XML Schema-Based Data with XQuery Full Text 

Indexing XMLType Data
  • Indexing XMLType data 
  • Using XMLIndex index 
  • What is XMLIndex? 
  • XMLIndex Unstructured Component 
  • New: XMLIndex Structured Component 
  • Guidelines  

Generating XML Data
  • Generating XML data by using XQuery 
  • Generating XML data by using the SQL/XML standard functions 
  • Generating XML data by using the DBMS_XMLGEN PL/SQL package

Transforming XML Data
  • Creating XMLType views 
  • Transforming XML 
  • Use XQuery to transform XML 

Creating Relational Views over XML Data
  • Introduction to Creating and Using Relational Views over XML Data 
  • Creating a Relational View over XML: One Row for Each XML Document Creating a Relational View over XML: Mapping XML Nodes to Columns Examining the View in Oracle SQL Developer 
  • Indexing Binary XML Data Exposed Using a Relational View 
  • Querying XML Content As Relational Data 

Accessing Resources in Oracle XML DB Repository
  • XML DB Repository: overview 
  • Creating folders and resources using PL/SQL 
  • Accessing resources 
  • Access control lists 
  • Compound documents 
  • Repository events 

Using Native Oracle XML DB Web Services
  • Overview of Web Services 
  • Overview of Native Oracle XML DB Web Services 
  • Configuring Web Services for Oracle XML DB 
  • Enabling Web Services for Oracle XML DB 
  • Querying Oracle XML DB using a Web Service 
  • Accessing PL/SQL Stored Procedures using a Web Service 

Exporting and Importing XML Data
  • SQL*Loader 
  • Loading XMLType data 
  • Oracle Data Pump