B2B 11g: Concepts and Implementation

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Course Duration: 2 days
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Participants are introduced to the features of Oracle B2B that support document and trading partner management. Basic administration tasks of Oracle B2B are also covered in this course.

Learn To:

  • Understand the B2B Concepts and Standards
  • Use Oracle B2B to manage trading partners and agreements
  • Use the Oracle B2B Document Editor to develop, migrate, test, distribute and print e-business guideline document
  • Work with the Reporting functionality in Oracle B2B
  • Perform basic administration tasks related to Oracle B2B
  • Implement B2B transactions over various protocols
Application Developers
Business Analysts
Business Intelligence Developer
Functional Implementer
SOA Architect
Basic knowledge of SOA, Basic experience with networks, Basic understanding of B2B Business Protocols, Basic understanding of Application Server functionality
  • Describe the features and concepts of Oracle B2B
  • Define and manage Documents in Oracle B2B for Oracle B2B transactions
  • Create and configure Trading Partners using different business protocols
  • Create and manage trading partner agreements utilizing multiple B2B business protocols
  • Identify and use the Reports and Metrics in Oracle B2B
  • Manage basic administration tasks in Oracle B2B
  • Introducing E-Commerce
  • Introducing Oracle B2B
  • Describing B2B Infrastructure
  • Describing B2B topologies

Oracle B2B Standards and Technical Concepts
  • Introducing B2B standards
  • Comparing B2B standards
  • Understanding Document Management concepts
  • Understanding Trading Partner Management concepts
  • Understanding Deployment concepts
  • Understanding B2B Report concepts
  • Understanding B2B System Management concepts
  • Introducing Oracle B2B Interface

Document Management: Creating Guidelines
  • Introducing Document Editor and its components
  • Introducing Document Protocols
  • Creating Guideline files
  • Publishing, Printing and Exporting a Guideline Document
  • Generating the data using Data Generator Wizard
  • Analyzing data using the Analyzer Wizard

Document Management: Configuring Oracle B2B
  • Understanding Document Hierarchy
  • Creating Document Definitions

Partner Management: Creating Profiles
  • Creating Trading Partner Profiles
  • Creating Trading Partner Users
  • Adding Document Definitions
  • Configuring Delivery Channels

Creating and Deploying Agreement
  • Introducing Agreements
  • Creating and deploying Agreements
  • Deleting Agreements

Reporting: Oracle B2B and Enterprise Manager
  • Introducing Reports
  • Understanding various types of Reports

  • Introducing B2B Metrics
  • Diagnosing different types of errors
  • Understanding the B2B System and Partner Metrics

Oracle B2B Security
  • Describing Users and Roles in Oracle B2B
  • Describing Document Obfuscation and Document Provisioning
  • Understanding the Secure Socket Layer

System Management
  • Managing Deployments
  • Creating Types
  • Importing and Exporting B2B Design-time Data
  • Batching EDI Messages
  • Managing Callouts
  • Configuring Listening Channels
  • Configuring B2B Parameters

Interoperability in Oracle B2B
  • Introducing B2B Configuration Wizard
  • Understanding the SOA/B2B Interoperability
  • Understanding Exception handling techniques