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Database 11g: Secure Backup

Course Fees: $1984.00 excl. GST
Printed Manual: $0.00 excl. GST
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Manual

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In this course, students learn how to use Oracle Secure Backup, which supplies reliable tape backup of the database through direct integration with RMAN and it also provides general file system backup to tape. Students install Oracle Secure Backup and use it to back up and restore Oracle Database files, as well as file-system data. Students also learn how to perform advanced management tasks, such as, tape vaulting.

Learn to:
  • Manage Oracle Secure Backup
  • Install Oracle Secure Backup
  • Backup/Restore databases to/from tapes
  • Backup/Restore file-system data to/from tapes
Database Administrators
Technical Administrator
Sales Consultants
Security Administrators
Support Engineer
System Analysts
Technical Consultant
11g Admin Workshop 2
  • Use Oracle Secure Backup to create Oracle Database backups
  • Use Oracle Secure Backup to create file system backups
  • Use Oracle Secure Backup to restore file-system data and database files
  • Install and manage Oracle Secure Backup
  • Perform Oracle Secure Backup management tasks
  • Manage tape media
  • Oracle Secure Backup Overview

    Oracle Secure Backup Architecture
    Oracle Secure Backup Interface Options
    RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup Overview
    Tape Drives and Libraries

    Installing Oracle Secure Backup

    Installation and Configuration of the Administrative Domain
    Administrative Server Installation
    Oracle Secure Backup Web Tool Home Page

    Securing Domain and Data

    Managing User Access Control
    Configuring Oracle Secure Backup Users
    Oracle Secure Backup Encryption

    Configuring RMAN for Oracle Secure Backup

    Recovery Settings
    Backup Settings
    Media Families and RMAN

    Performing RMAN Backups and Restores

    Scheduling Backups with EM
    Managing Database Tape Backups
    Performing Database Recovery

    Backing Up File-System Data with Oracle Secure Backup

    File-System Backups
    Creating Datasets
    Creating Backup Schedules

    Restoring File-System Backups with Oracle Secure Backup

    Browsing the Catalog for File-System Backup Data
    Restoring File-System Data
    Restoring File-System Files with Oracle Secure Backup

    Managing Your Oracle Secure Backup Domain

    Managing Defaults and Policies
    Backing Up the Catalog

    Managing the OSB Infrastructure

    Adding Clients
    Adding Media Servers
    Adding Devices
    Managing Devices

    Configuring and Using Tape Vaulting

    Configuring a New Vaulting Environment
    Using the Vaulting Environment

    Configuring Tape Duplication

    Configuring and Using Volume Duplication
    Configuring a Duplication Environment
    Associating a Duplication Policy with a Media Family

    Tuning Oracle Secure Backup

    Tuning Hardware
    Tuning RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup
    Tuning RMAN Software