Oracle Directory Services: Administration

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Course Duration: 5 days
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The Oracle Directory Services: Administration [] course begins with a brief overview of Oracle Identity Management solution. The next few sections teach students how to install, manage, interact with schema objects, configure security settings, and understand server chaining for Oracle Internet Directory.

Following this understanding the students delve into understanding of Oracle Directory Integration Platform and study three use cases in-depth on integrating Oracle Internet Directory with Oracle database table, Sun Java Directory Server and Microsoft Active Directory. The course also covers topics pertaining to understanding of Oracle Internet Directory replication concepts and setting of Oracle Advanced Symmetric Replication and LDAP (One-way, two-way) replication.

In the final section of this course, students dive into Oracle Virtual Directory. They learn the use cases in which Oracle Virtual Directory can be a better solution than data synchronization across heterogeneous directories. Students install and configure Oracle Virtual Directory Server and Oracle Virtual Directory Manager. The course also discusses in detail Database, LDAP, Join View, NT Domain and Local Store adapters. Some more advanced concepts pertaining to adapter routing and mapping plug-ins are also covered.

Learn to:
  • Use Oracle Directory Integration platform to synchronize Oracle Internet Directory with Active Directory and Sun Java
  • Directory
  • Understand and implement High Availability for Oracle Internet Directory using Database and LDAP replication
  • Create and configure various adapters such as Database, LDAP, Local store, Join View
  • Understand adapter routing and mapping plug-ins for Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Install, configure and manage Oracle Virtual Directory Manager and Server
  • Install, configure, administer and secure Oracle Internet Directory
Sales Consultants
Support Engineer
Technical Administrator
Web Administrator

Suggested Prerequisites
General understanding of LDAP concepts and terminologies
None required, only suggested
  • Explain the role of directory services in identity management solutions
  • Install and configure Oracle Internet Directory
  • Understand the schema object within Oracle Internet Directory
  • Explain the new features of Oracle Internet Directory in version
  • Understand password management and password verifiers in Oracle Internet Directory
  • Explain and understand server chaining of Oracle Internet Directory
  • Integrate Oracle Internet Directory with other directories, including Active Directory, Sun Java System Directory using Oracle Directory Understand difference between Advanced Symmetric Replication(ASR) and LDAP Replication
  • Configure One-way and two-way LDAP replication
  • Install and configure Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Explain the different adapters in Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Configure Database, LDAP, Join View adapters in Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Explain routing configuration, plug-in and mapping rules within Oracle Virtual Directory
Introduction to Identity Management
Benefits of Identity Management
Identity Management: Terminology
Functional View of Identity Management Suites
Product Functionality Matrix
Oracle Identity Management Solution
Directory Services - OID
Directory Services - OVD
Complete Picture: Oracle Identity Management

Installing Oracle Internet Directory
Deployment Planning
System Requirements for Windows
Requirements: Environment and User
Installation Stages
Postinstallation Steps
Setting Environment Variables After Installation for Windows
Launching the OracleAS Control Console
Reviewing Port Numbers

Directory and LDAP Concepts for Oracle Internet Directory
What Is a Directory?
Directory Versus OLTP Database
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Directory Information Tree
Root Directory Specific Entry
Directory Schemas
LDAP Data Interchange Format Files
OID Architecture

Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Server Administration
Server Administration Tools
Oracle Directory Manager
Starting and Stopping sequence
Managing Configuration Sets
OID Debug Logging:
Monitoring OID Servers
Configuring OID Logging Using Oracle Directory Manager
Configuring OID Logging Using Command-Line Tools

Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Data Administration
Managing Entries with Oracle Directory Manager
Managing Entries with LDAP Command-Line Tools
Using the ldapadd, ldapaddmt, ldapbind, ldapcompare, ldapdelete, ldapmoddn, ldapsearch, ldapmodify, ldapmodifymt Command
Using the bulkload, bulkmodify, bulkdelete, ldifwrite, catalog Command
Backing Up and Restoring with LDIF Files

Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Schema Administration
Mechanisms for Data Integrity
Attribute Uniqueness Constraints
Managing Directory Schema Objects
Referential Integrity

Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Security
Managing Special Users
Password Storage in OID
Password Storage in OID
Password Policies
Password Verifiers
Creating Oracle Wallet for SSL
Structure of Audit Log Entries
Configuring OID Security Audits

Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Synchronization Concepts
Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Installation
Synchronization Service: Overview
Default Integration Profiles
Registering the Oracle Directory Integration Server
Sequence of Oracle Directory Integration Server Events
Starting and Stopping the Oracle Directory Integration Server
Setting the Debug Level
Access Control for DIP Server and Profiles

Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Synchronization Services Administration
Registering Connectors to Oracle Internet Directory
Mapping Rules and Formats
Registering Profiles by Using ODM
Using Directory Integration Assistant (dipassistant)
Creating, Modifying, Deleting and Viewing Directory Synchronization Profile
Bootstrapping Data into OID
Synchronization with Relational Database Tables
Troubleshooting Oracle Directory Integration Platform

Integrating with Sun Java System Directory Server
Supported Third-Party Directories and Servers
Integration Planning
Limitation of Third-Party Directory Integration
Checklist Before Setting Up OID–Sun Java Directory Server Integration
Creating Basic Synchronization Using Express Configuration
Integrating OID–Sun Directory Using Express Configuration
Integrating OID–Sun Directory Using Custom Configuration
Postconfiguration Tasks

Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory
Checklist Before Setting Up OID and AD Integration
Creating Basic Synchronization Using Express Configuration
Synchronizing AD - OID
OID Schema Elements for AD
Customizing the Search Filter to Retrieve Information from AD
Customizing Attribute Mappings, Multiple AD Domains
Synchronizing Deletions from AD
Resolving Foreign Security Principal References

Windows Native Authentication and Oracle Password Filter
Understanding WNA
Configuring WNA for a Single AD Domain
Oracle Password Filter for AD: Overview
Deploying Oracle Password Filter for AD
Configuring OID to Run in SSL Server Authentication Mode
Installing and deinstalling Oracle Password Filter for AD

Oracle Internet Directory: Server Chaining
Server Chaining: Overview
Reasons for Server Chaining
Server Chaining: Capabilities
Server Chaining: Attribute Mapping
Server Chaining: Command-Line Configuration
Server Chaining: Oracle Directory Manager Configuration
Server Chaining: Debugging

Oracle Internet Directory: Replication Concepts
Directory Replication Group and Replication Agreement
Types of Replicas
Data Transfer Between Nodes in a DRG
Single-Master, Multi-Maste, Fan-Out DRG
Replication Configuration Objects in OID
Replication Architecture
LDAP Replication Process
LDAP Replication Failover

Setting LDAP-Based and ASR-Based OID Replication
Rules of ASR-Based Replication
Installing and Configuring ASR
Rules of LDAP-Based Replication
Installing and Configuring Full One-Way or Two-Way LDAP Replication
Human Intervention Queue Manipulation Tool
OID Comparison and Reconciliation Tool
Viewing and Modifying a Replication Agreement for ASR
Viewing and Modifying a Replication Agreement for LDAP Replication

Oracle Virtual Directory: Concepts
Types of Directory Services Solutions
Obstacles for Traditional Directories
Oracle Virtual Directory: Features
Oracle Virtual Directory: Data Federation
Oracle Virtual Directory: Translation
Oracle Virtual Directory: Directory Security
Oracle Virtual Directory: High Availability Support
Oracle Virtual Directory: Custom-Integration APIs

Oracle Virtual Directory: Installation and Orientation
OVD System Requirements
OVD Supported Software
OVD Server and Manager Installation
Tour of OVD Server and Manager

Oracle Virtual Directory: Basic Adapters
Oracle Virtual Directory Adapters
LDAP Proxy Adapter
Database Adapter
NT Adapter
Local-Store Adapter

Oracle Virtual Directory: Advanced Topics
Join View Adapter
Plug-Ins and Mappings
Deploying and Applying Plug-Ins
Deploying and Applying Mappings