Oracle Solaris DTrace for System Administrators

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Course Duration: 3 days
Course Manual

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  • Application Developers
  • Data Center Manager
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
System Administration for the ORacle Solaris 10 OS Part 2
Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop, Oracle Solaris 10 Performance Management, Solaris 10 Operating System Internals
  • Use DTrace to find the source of intermittent problems
  • Use DTrace to look at the cause of performance problems
  • Use DTrace to help debug applications
  • Find System problems with DTrace
  • Troubleshoot DTrace script problem
    • DTrace Fundamentals

      • Describe the features of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) facility
      • Describe the DTrace architecture
      • D Programming Language

      Using DTrace

      • Use DTrace to obtain information about system calls
      • Create D scripts that use arguments
      • Describe the DTrace performance monitoring capabilities
      • Examine performance problems using the vminfo provider
      • Examine performance problems using the sysinfo provider
      • Examine performance problems using the io provider

      DTrace Toolkit

      • Describe and use useful DTrace Toolkit scripts and one-liners

      Finding System Problems with DTrace

      • Use DTrace to access kernel variables
      • Use DTrace to obtain information about read calls
      • Use DTrace to perform anonymous tracing
      • Use DTrace to perform speculative tracing
      • Explain the privileges necessary to run DTrace operations

      Troubleshooting DTrace Problems

      • Describe how to lessen the performance impact of DTrace
      • Describe how to use and tune DTrace buffers
      • Debug DTrace scripts