Oracle WebCenter Content 11g: Content Server Administration Ed 2

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Course Duration: 5 days
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This Oracle WebCenter Content 11g: Content Server Administration training helps you develop a conceptual understanding of the behind-the-scenes process for managed content. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to configure Webcenter Content Server, which includes implementing security and metadata models and creating content review processes.

Learn To:
  • Implement a security model. 
  • Create custom pages using rules and profiles. 
  • Implement a metadata model. 
  • Migrate content server configurations. 
  • Create automatic content review processes. 
  • Replicate content. 

Please Note This offering is based on Oracle WebCenter Content 11g ( This course does not cover installation.
Application Developers
Database Administrators
Functional Implementer
Support Engineer
System Analysts
Technical Consultant
Web Administrator
Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials
Webcenter Content Server Overview
  • WebCenter Content Overview 

Webcenter Content Server End-User Skills
  • Personalizing Oracle WebCenter Content Server 
  • Contributing Content 
  • Searching and Subscribing to Content 
  • Revising Content 

Implementing Security
  • Understanding Administrative Responsibilities 
  • Implementing a Role-Based Security Model 
  • Implementing an Account-Based Security Model 

Implementing a Metadata Model
  • Understanding Content Types 
  • Understanding Custom Metadata 
  • About Dependent Choice Lists 
  • Managing Metadata using Rules
  • Using Profiles to Customize Content Pages 

Configuring Webcenter Content Server
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Administration Tools 
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Components

Configuring Webcenter Content Server for alternative methods of contribution and performing mass contribution
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server for WebDAV/Desktop Integration Suite 
  • Contributing Mass Content using Batch Loader

  • Explaining Workflow Concepts 
  • About Criteria Workflows 
  • Extending Workflows 
  • Discussing BPEL Integration 

Managing Content
  • Managing Content and Subscriptions 
  • Using Folios and Folio Administration 
  • Updating Mass-Metadata and Creating Backups 

System Migration
  • About Configuration Migration Utility (CMU) 
  • About Export, Import and Replication or Transfer of Content 

Integrating WebCenter Content
  • About WebCenter Content Web Services