PeopleSoft Time & Labour - Global Rel 9.1

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Course Duration: 4 days
Course Manual

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The Time and Labor - Global course covers the implementation and usage of Time and Labor. Learn to set up system tables and prerequisite HRMS tables, and to set up Time and Labor tables. Define workgroups and task groups to group time reporters into useful segments for processing. Set up processing rules so time is managed according to your business processes. Enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, and assign them to work schedules. Report time using different tools.  Process reported time using the rules you defined to match your busines processes. Once time has been processed, it becomes payable, and is sent to Global Payroll for additional processing.

Learn To:

  • Set up Time and Labor foundation tables
  • Define workgroups and task groups
  • Set up processing rules to manage time
  • Enroll time reporters and assign work schedules
  • Process reported time
  • Send time and labor data to Global Payroll



Functional Implementer

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts
  • Knowledge of Human Resources foundation tables
  • Use of control tables to enforce business rules
  • Able to run processes and reports







None required, only suggested
  • Describe PeopleSoft Time and Labor
  • Set up core Human Resources tables
  • Set up PeopleSoft Time and Labor tables
  • Report and process time

Setting Up Prerequisite Core Tables

Describing Prerequisite Human Resources Tables

Describing Prerequisite Global Payroll Tables

Describing Prerequisite Absence Management Tables

Setting up Core Time and Labor Tables

Setting up Time Zone Offsets

Setting up the Time and Labor Installation Table

Establishing Payroll Systems

Establishing Time Reporting Codes

Defining Time Reporting Code Categories

Defining Time Reporting Codes

Defining TRC Programs

Defining Compensatory Time Plans

Defining Override Reason Codes

Establishing Time Periods

Establishing Planned Overtime

Creating Workgroups

Defining Template-Built Rules

Defining Rule Programs

Creating Task groups

Creating Task Templates

Creating Task Profiles

Defining Schedules

Setting up Schedules

Validating Schedules

Setting up Time Reporters

Creating Time Reporter Data

Maintaining Time Reporter Data

Assigning Time Reporters to a Schedule

Assigning and Viewing Compensatory Time Plans

Setting up Groups and Security

Setting up Group Creation Security

Setting up Dynamic Groups

Setting up Static Groups

Setting up Group Security

Reporting Time Using Rapid Entry

Establishing Rapid Time Templates

Performing Rapid Entry

Running the Time Administration Process

Describing the Time Administration Process

Describing Time Reporter and Payable Time Status

Managing Exceptions

Reporting Time Using Self-Service

Defining Time Reporting Templates

Defining User Preferences

Reporting Time Using Timesheets

Reporting Time Using the Web Clock

Identifying Mass Time Reporting

Requesting Overtime

Requesting Absence

Processing Absences

Integrating Global Payroll Absence Data with Time and Labor

Processing Absence Requests and Approvals

Using Manager Self Service

Setting Up Manager Search Options

Using the Time and Labor Launch Pad

Managing Overtime

Managing Absences

Managing Schedules

Viewing Time

Approving Reported Time

Approving Payable Time

Integrating with PeopleSoft Enterprise Global Payroll

Running the Payroll Process

Performing Labor Distribution and Dilution

Sending Costs to Time and Labor

Viewing Distributed and Diluted Costs

Adjusting Payable Time

Adjusting Paid Time

Tracking Attendance

Setting Up Attendance Programs

Associating Attendance Programs to Rule Programs

Reviewing Attendance Actions

Reviewing Attendance History