Spatial 10g: Fundamentals

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Course Duration: 3 days
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This course teaches students how to model and create tables with spatial data, index spatial data, and discusses how to spatially enable applications. Students learn about Oracle's native data type for spatial data (SDO_GEOMETRY) and the geometric primitives it supports. Additionally, students learn how to load spatial data into Oracle database with various Oracle utilities, how to appropriately create spatial indexes for optimal performance, and how to query spatial data and perform spatial analysis with spatial operators, functions, and procedures.

Additional topics include Oracle Spatial's Geocoder, Oracle Spatial's Linear Referencing System (LRS), coordinate systems support in Oracle Spatial and publishing maps to the web with Oracle Application Server MapViewer.

Learn To:
Model and load data into Oracle Spatial
Implement spatial queries
Index and tune spatial data
Perform spatial analysis
Validate spatial data

This course counts towards the Hands-on course requirement for the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certification.Only instructor-led inclass or instructor-led online formats of this course will meet the Certification Hands-on Requirement. Self Study CD-Rom and Knowledge Center courses are excellent study and reference tools but DO NOT meet the Hands-on Requirement for certification.
Technical Consultant
DBA experience, Understanding of PL/SQL
  • Describe SDO_GEOMETRY, the native data type for spatial data in Oracle
  • Describe the geometric primitives supported by SDO_GEOMETRY
  • Understand coordinate systems in Oracle Spatial
  • Model and Load data into Oracle Spatial
  • Validate spatial data, and debug/fix invalid geometries
  • Index and tune spatial data
  • Describe the Oracle Spatial query model
  • Implement spatial queries with SQL using spatial operators
  • Perform spatial analysis with spatial functions and procedures
  • Geocode address data with Oracle Spatial's Geocoder
  • Use Oracle Spatial's linear referencing capabilities
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  • Publish maps to the web with Oracle Application Server MapViewer

Introduction to Oracle Spatial
Course organization

Oracle Spatial Concepts
Supported geometric primitive types
Oracle spatial data model
Spatial Layers
Spatial query model
Concept of Spatial Indexing
Spatial queries
Linear referencing systems

Creating Spatial Layers
Schema associated with all spatial layers, types, functions, and procedures
Storage of spatial data using the Oracle Spatial object model
Table creation with a spatial layer
Loading metadata view with a spatial layer
Overview of Coordinate Systems
Coordinate systems
Differences between georeferenced and nongeoreferenced data
Geodetic coordinate system
Projected coordinate system
Coordinate system association with a spatial layer
Adding coordinate system information to an existing spatial layer

Loading Spatial Data
Methods for loading spatial data
SQL*Loader control file creation for bulk loading of spatial data
Dump file imports containing spatial data
Shapefile converter tool to load an ESRI shapefile into Oracle Spatial format
Validity of individual geometries or an entire layer
Migration tool to change format of spatial data from single-digit to four-digit

Introduction to Oracle Application Server MapViewer
MapViewer Components
OC4J install and configure with MapViewer
Sample JSP to publish a map to web

Indexing Spatial Data
Spatial indexing concepts
Generating an R-tree spatial index
Estimating size of R-tree index

Spatial Queries
Spatial window queries
Oracle spatial query model
Spatial operators and functions
Spatial operators and functions to perform spatial queries
SDO_JOIN operator for spatial corss-product
Topological relationships used by spatial operators and functions
Oracle Locator 10g functionality

Spatial Analysis
Advanced spatial functions for complex analysis
Length, area, and distance calculations
Buffers around geometries
Spatial boolean operations
Spatial analysis functions
Spatial utility functions
Spatial aggregate functions
Convert between SDO_GEOMETRY and GML

Oracle Application Server MapViewer Advanced Concepts
MapViewer associated metadata
Map Definition tool to define a map
Publish maps to web

Advanced Coordinate System Concepts
Whole Earth geometry model
Implement coordinate systems transformations
Creating user-defined coordinate systems
Local coordinate systems

Linear Referencing System (LRS)
LRS concepts
Functions available in LRS
Linear referencing implementation in Oracle Spatial

Oracle Spatial Geocoding
Geocoding concepts
Oracle Spatial Geocoding architecture
Geocoding Metadata concepts
Geocoding Reference Data concept
Geocoding schema objects
Geocoding functions