Courses for Developer - PL/SQL, SQL, APEX

All Oracle University SQL & PL/SQL, APEX, Java/J2EE & XML courses are delivered at Deloitte NZ. Important towards OCA/OCP Developer certifications.  If the course you need is not showing Please enquire - Course Enquiry

SQL: Introduction to SQL

Intro to SQL training helps you write subqueries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions.

SQL Workshop I

Intro to Oracle 12c technology. Learn the concepts of relational databases & the powerful SQL programming language. Discover essential SQL skills that allow developers to write queries against single & multiple tables, manipulate data in tables & create database objects.

SQL Workshop II

Enhance your Application development skills by learning how to manage the database objects, data dictionary views & multicolumn subqueries.  Learn to write more efficient queries using the functions that support timezone & regular expressions.

Oracle 12c: SQL & PL/SQL New Features

Learn the new features available in Oracle 12c. Explore the latest features in SQL language and enhancements in PL/SQL, data types, language performance and data warehousing. Gain a better understanding of the data warehousing new features available in Oracle 12c. Includes maintaining multiple partitions and SQL for pattern matching.

SQL & PL/SQL Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of SQL & PL/SQL and understand the benefits of the programming languages. Students learn the concepts of relational databases.

12c: Program with PL/SQL

Learn PL/SQL & understand the benefits of this powerful programming language. Create PL/SQL blocks of application code that can be shared by multiple forms, reports, & data management applications.

PL/SQL Fundamentals

Discover the benefits of Oracle's powerful programming language, while learning real-world scenarios where these lessons can be applied.

Develop PL/SQL Program Units

Designed for Developers with basic PL/SQL & SQL language skills. Develop, execute & manage PL/SQL stored program units, which include: procedures, functions, packages & database triggers.

12c: Advanced PL/SQL

Learn how to use the advanced features of PL/SQL to design and tune PL/SQL to interface with the database and other applications. Explore advanced features of program design, packages, cursors, extended interface methods and collections. 

12c: SQL Tuning for Developers

In the Oracle Database: SQL Tuning for Developers course, you learn about Oracle SQL tuning and how to apply tuning techniques to your SQL code. Learn the different ways in which data can be accessed efficiently.

Application Express Workshop I NEW

Develop database-centric web applications quickly using Oracle Application Express. Learn from expert Oracle University instructors through interactive learning, which includes hands-on exercises.

Application Express Workshop II NEW

This Oracle Application Express Workshop II will help you extend your skills with Oracle Application Express. Learn to extend your applications using collections, dynamic applications and plug-ins.

Application Express: Administration Ed2

Learn the different ways in which ApEx can be installed & will perform a full dev environment installation on a multitenant architecture of Database 12c. Identify the 3 options of configuring a web server for ApEx & install & configure the Oracle REST Data Service

Oracle 12c: Use XML DB

Allows you to deep dive into the key features of Oracle XML DB. Use Oracle XML DB to store, access, manipulate, validate, search, update, annotate, transform, generate, import and export XML data.

Oracle 11g: XML Fundamentals

Learn to create an XML document, and format XML documents using XML Stylesheet Language for transformations (XSL). Learn about XML Namespaces, and document type definitions.

SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop NEW

In this application development-centric course, students learn about Oracle SQL statement tuning and how to write well-tuned SQL statements appropriate for the Oracle database.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c: New Features

This ODI workshop details the new features and techniques of using 12c ODI for implementing high-performance movement.

BI Publisher 12c R1: Fundamentals

BI Publisher 12c provides best of breed capabilities for scheduling and bursting reports. By investing in this course, you'll learn how to schedule and manage scheduled jobs, along with bursting reports to other destinations

Using Java - for PL/SQL and Database Developers

You'll be taught about Oracle Database programming. Use Java with examples and explanations of its appropriate use. Learn to access Oracle Database using JDBC, UCP, Java stored procedures & SQLJ technologies. Discover the benefits of accessing & manipulating SQL data using JDBC & SQLJ technologies

Oracle 12c: Intro for experienced SQL Users

Learn Oracle Database 12c, the database environment and the Oracle SQL Developer tool. Learn how to create and manage tables, synonyms, sequences, indexes and views.