Courses for Exadata / Exalogic / Exalytics

All Oracle University Exadata, Exalogic & Exalytics courses are delivered at Deloitte NZ. If the course you need is not showing Please enquire - Course Enquiry

Exadata Database Machine: 12c Admin Workshop

Covers the features and capabilities of the Exadata Database Machine X6 product family. Explore the various Exadata Database Machine features and configurations, with emphasis on the unique capabilities delivered by Exadata Storage Server.

Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.0: Cloud Management

Exalogic Elastic Cloud: Cloud Management teaches you about a comprehensive virtual data centre solution that's also secure and easy to use.

Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: System Administration

Develop a deeper understanding of how Exalogic Elastic Cloud provides a high performance, high density, reliable & scalable data centre solution based on ZFS storage, InfiniBand networking, Oracle VM & Oracle Linux. Appropriate for X2-2, X3-2 and X4-2 users

Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration

Explores building the infrastructure for open cloud computing. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to support enterprise applications by deploying pooled server resources to create virtual machines.

Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation

Teaches you how to enhance cloud effectiveness with rapid deployment of cloud resources and applications. Learn to administer, redistribute, troubleshoot & protect Oracle VM resources to ensure seamless and continuous access of your applications...

Oracle BI 11g: New Features & Exalytics

Overview of the BI Machine, its benefits, components & architecture. Learn about the enhancements in Oracle BI EE & Oracle BI Publisher as well as the Oracle Summary Adviser (component to help you improve performance), BI Composer (easy wizard for creating analyses) & enhancements in BI Mobile.