Siebel 8.0 Application Administration

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Course Duration: 3 days
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This course is aimed at Application Administrators responsible for supporting the post-deployment, on-going operations of Siebel applications. The lecture material is task-oriented and is reinforced with hands-on exercises.

The first part of the course provides a strong grounding in Siebel concepts, including the Siebel Web architecture, the logical organization of Siebel applications, and access control. The next part of the course focuses on administrative tasks using in the Siebel client. Students are exposed to a wide range of administrative areas common to all Siebel applications. The last part of the course focuses on administrative functionality that requires interaction with Siebel server components. After learning how to configure and manage server components, students use this knowledge in administering Siebel Remote, message broadcasts and alerts, and Siebel Assignment Manager. The course does not include system administration tasks, such as performance tuning.

Learn To:
  • Administer Siebel applications using the Siebel Web client
  • Manage and configure server components and parameters
  • Control access to Siebel applications and data
  • Web Administrator
  • Technical Administrator
Basic Windows and file-management skills; Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals
  • Describe important object definitions in a Siebel application
  • Control access to views and customer data
  • Use catalogs to organize master data
  • Administer Quick Fill Templates and pre-defined queries
  • Administer lists of values
  • Create and administer activity templates
  • Configure and administer audit trail
  • Administer iHelp and Siebel State Model
  • Describe the components of the Siebel Web architecture
  • Configure and manage server components
  • Administer message broadcasts and alerts
  • Create and administer mobile clients using Siebel Remote
  • Administer Siebel Assignment Manager

Exploring the Siebel Architecture

  • Components of the Siebel architecture
  • Different Siebel client types and how they access data

Understanding Object Definitions

  • Major types of object definitions
  • Using About View to identify user interface and business layer objects

Accessing Siebel Applications

  • Components of the Siebel security model
  • Major entities used to specify a company in Siebel applications
  • Types of authentication

Controlling Access to Application Views

  • Creating a new responsibility
  • Modifying an existing responsibility
  • Adding a new view

Controlling Access to Customer Data

  • How access to customer data is controlled
  • How visibility filters limit data visible to the user

Creating Users, Positions, and Organizations

  • Creating the company structure using divisions, organizations, positions, users, and employees

Using Catalogs to Organize Master Data

  • Creating catalogs and categories to store master data
  • Using access groups to limit access to master data

Quick Fill Templates and Predefined Queries

  • Administering Quick Fill Templates
  • Administering Predefined Queries
  • Administering View Links

Administering Lists of Values

  • Adding, modifying, or inactivating an item in a static drop-down list
  • Modifying and administering constrained picklists

Administering Activity Plans and Templates

  • Creating and deleting activity templates
  • Adding activity assignment details

Other Administrative Topics

  • Setting system preferences
  • Administering global data
  • Activating and deactivating workflow processes

Administering Audit Trail

  • Administering Audit Trail
  • Monitoring Audit Trail

Siebel iHelp

  • Designing iHelp items to assist end users

Siebel State Model

  • Creating a new state model

Configuring and Managing Server Components and Parameters

  • Server component groups and components
  • Server parameters and the different levels at which they can be set
  • Profiles and job templates
  • Managing server components
  • Submitting jobs
  • Setting logging options
  • Monitoring the state of the Siebel application

Administering Message Broadcasts and Alerts

  • Administering message broadcasts
  • Administering Alerts

Configuring and Administering Siebel Remote

  • Siebel Remote concepts and components
  • How Siebel Remote handles synchronization conflicts
  • Creating a mobile client and extract a client local database
  • Performing ongoing Siebel Remote administration

Administering Siebel Assignment Manager

  • Creating a sales assignment rule
  • Creating a service assignment rule that uses employee skills
  • Test assignment rules