Courses for Linux, OVM, Solaris & SUN

All Oracle Linux, Virtual Machine (OVM), SUN & Solaris as well as EXADATA courses are delivered at Deloitte NZ - Auckland & Wellington. If the course you need is not showing Please enquire - Course Enquiry

Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration

Explores building the infrastructure for open cloud computing. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to support enterprise applications by deploying pooled server resources to create virtual machines.

Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation

Teaches you how to enhance cloud effectiveness with rapid deployment of cloud resources and applications. Learn to administer, redistribute, troubleshoot & protect Oracle VM resources to ensure seamless and continuous access of your applications...

Unix and Linux Essentials NEW

Provides users and administrators new to the Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux operating systems with the basic UNIX skills they need to interact comfortably and confidently with the operating system.

Oracle Linux 7: System Administration

Develop a range of skills, including installation, using the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, configuring Linux services, preparing the system for the Oracle Database, monitoring and troubleshooting. 

Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration Ed 1

Teaches you how to automate OS installation, recover from boot problems and configure networking and authentication services. Explore shared storage configuration, implement virtualization services implementation, and system resources management. In this course, you will be introduced to the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation & Config. NEW

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation & Configuration course teaches you to effectively implement the infrastructure for cloud computing using a SPARC-based virtualization strategy. 

Introduction to Solaris

The Introduction to Solaris course provides instruction in the key features and capabilities of Sun's flagship Solaris 10 Operating System. Topics include file and directory management, controlling the user work environment, installing the Solaris 10 OS and user management.

Solaris 11 System Administration

Provides enterprise system administrators, who are new to the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System, with the skills they need to perform their job tasks successfully and efficiently.

Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration

An intensive hands-on experience, working with complex and integrated administration concepts. The course builds on the system administration skills taught in the Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration course

Solaris 11 Performance Management

Introduces you to performance tuning principles. Learn to monitor utilities and use tuning tools for the Solaris 11 Operating System.

Transition to Oracle Solaris 11

Builds on student's sys admin experience with Solaris 10 & provides the skills & knowledge required for transitioning from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11.  For System Administrators & IT architects responsible for planning & performing transitioning tasks.

Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Ed 4

Provides students with the essential information and skills needed to install and administer Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 hardware and software systems. Students are introduced to Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 hardware and software product features, hardware configuration, software installation along with configuration, data service configuration, and system operation. Students will get the opportunity to explore various use cases such as integrating Oracle database 12c as failover application, configuring Oracle Solaris cluster using unified archives.

Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Administration NEW

The Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Administration course expands your mastery of the ZFS facilities management in the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system.

Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration

The Sun Storage 7000 Appliance training course provides students with the knowledge to successfully describe, install, configure, maintain, administer, troubleshoot, and upgrade software and hardware.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Admin NEW

Provides the practical experience you need to successfully deploy and administer Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c in your data center.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Admin (formerly LDoms)

Oracle VM Server for SPARC technology (previously called Solaris Logical Domains) is part of a suite of methodologies for consolidation and resource management that includes Sun Fire Dynamic System Domains and Oracle Containers. This technology allows you to allocate a systems various resources, such as memory, CPUs, and devices, . . .

Oracle Solaris 11 Zones Administration NEW

This advanced course focuses on the skills and knowledge required for administering Oracle Solaris Zones server virtualization technology. This course is intended for IT Architects and System Administrators who are responsible for planning and performing server virtualization tasks in the datacenter. During this course, students examine various aspects of planning for implementing server virtualization in an enterprise environment.

SPARC M-series Administration

Benefits of taking this course include being able to compare and contrast the key features of the SPARC M-series servers as well as their architectural features.

Oracle Solaris Containers Administration

The Oracle Solaris Containers Administration course offers a practical, guided experience working with Oracle Solaris Containers, the Oracle virtualization feature comprised of Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle Solaris Resource Controls. Containers are used to create isolated environments for running applications, and enable server consolidation with low overhead.

Oracle Solaris DTrace for System Administrators

The Oracle Solaris DTrace for System Administrators course provides students with the ability to use DTrace to diagnose application and system problems. It moves participants from basic topics such as DTrace features and architecture to advanced topics such as using DTrace, creating D Scripts, finding system problems and troubleshooting using Debug DTrace scripts. In addition, included in this course are top 10 useful scripts with a few case studies. This course moves participants to the next level of troubleshooting using DTrace

Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop

The Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop teaches system administrators and field engineers how to analyze faults, perform diagnostics analysis, and use Sun's Predictive Self-Healing technology and DTrace toolkit for the SPARC-based and x86-based Solaris computing environments.

Exadata Database Machine: 12c Admin Workshop

Covers the features and capabilities of the Exadata Database Machine X6 product family. Explore the various Exadata Database Machine features and configurations, with emphasis on the unique capabilities delivered by Exadata Storage Server.

11g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs

Designed to give the Database Administrator a firm understanding of the components required to successfully deploy an Oracle 11g database on Oracle Enterprise Linux.

This course is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 1.

RAC & Grid Infrastructure for Solaris Sys Admins

Seminar: Learn about Oracle RAC install & admin concepts in a Solaris env. Prepare Solaris cluster nodes to accept an Oracle Grid Infrastructure install using Oracle ASM for cluster storage needs. Also create a RAC database using ASM for the database shared storage.Intended to aid current Solaris Sys Admins to successfully install, configure & administer RAC database envs.

Solaris Cluster 4.x Advanced Admin Ed 4

Helps system administrators, database administrators and support personnel with advanced configuration and maintenance procedures for Oracle Solaris Cluster. It's intended for students who already have experience installing and configuring basic applications for Oracle Solaris Cluster.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center Release 1

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center Release 1 offers a comprehensive management solution for physical and virtual system resources. This enterprise-class solution simplifies asset discovery, deployment, monitoring, and management. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center Release 1 provides server provisioning capabilities, from service processors to operating systems, to firmware.

Solaris System Administration for Experienced UNIX Administrators

The Solaris Operating System Administration for Experienced UNIX Administrators course provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform core system administration tasks in the Solaris 10 Operating System.

Sun Storage Archive Manager and QFS Administration 5.0

The Sun Storage Archive Manager and Sun QFS 5.0 Administration course offers students the opportunity to learn how to use the SAM-QFS product to create file systems and archive file system data. The course includes instructor-led sessions, intermixed with hands-on exercises in a classroom environment.