Enhanced Visual Analysis with Data Visualization

Course Fees: $1342.00 excl. GST
Printed Manual: $60.00 excl. GST
Course Duration: 1 days
Course Manual

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In this Enhanced Visual Analysis with Data Visualization course, you will learn to use Data Visualization to easily create visualizations and explore your data through intuitive drag and drop gestures. Learn to quickly upload data from a variety of sources, like spreadsheets, CSV files, Fusion Applications, and database, to your system and model it in a few easy steps. You will learn to use the Oracle Analytics Cloud Home page to perform analyses and dashboards tasks.

Learn How To:
  • Upload data from external sources
  • Blend and manage data
  • Change visualization types and properties
  • Explore data on mobile devices
  • Manage users and application roles
  • Troubleshoot issues in projects

Benefits to You:


As a business analyst, learn to enhance the business insights requirement with Data Visualization on Oracle Analytics Cloud.

  • Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Understand the features and Benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Learn to upload data from external sources
  • Learn to blend and manage data
  • Explore data on mobile devices
  • Learn to manage users and roles
  • Learn to troubleshoot issues in projects

Data Visualization on Oracle Analytics Cloud: Overview

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud: Introduction
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud: Features
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud: Benefits

Uploading Data from External Sources

  • External Sources: Characteristics
  • Adding a Spreadsheet as a Data Source
  • Creating Data Sources from Databases
  • Creating a Project with an Oracle Application Connection

Blending and Managing Data

  • Blending Data
  • Controlling Sharing of Data
  • Managing Data Sources

Data Wrangling and Data Flow

  • Data Wrangling Functions
  • Using Data Flow to Curate Data Sources

Adding Data Elements and Visualizing Content

  • Adding Data Elements to a Blank Canvas
  • Adding Advanced Analytics Functions to Visualizations
  • Adjusting Visualization Properties

Exploring Data by Using Filters, Drilling, Sorting, and Selecting

  • Filters: Overview
  • Automatically Applied Filters
  • Creating Filters

Creating Calculated Data Elements and Building Expressions

  • Creating Calculated Data Elements
  • Composing Expressions

Visualization Interaction and Exploring Data on Mobile Devices

  • Synchronization: Overview
  • Synchronizing Visualizations

Importing, Exporting, and Converting Projects

  • Importing an Application or Project
  • Exporting a Project as an Application
  • Exporting a Visualization, Canvas, or Story

Accessing and Organizing Content

  • Finding and Exploring Your Content
  • Assigning Ownership of Items
  • Embedding Your Content in Other Applications

Managing Users, Backup, and Restore

  • Getting Started with Application Roles
  • Assigning Application Roles to Multiple Users Through Roles

Project Indexing, Monitoring Users, and Activity Logs

  • Managing How Content Is Indexed and Searched
  • Scheduling Regular Content Crawls
  • Analyzing SQL Queries and Logs

Troubleshooting Issues in Projects

  • Troubleshooting data issues in projects