Oracle BI 11gR1: Create Analyses & Dashboards for End Users

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Course Duration: 2 days
Course Manual

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This course provides step-by-step instructions for creating Oracle BI analyses and dashboards in business intelligence applications. You'll begin by building basic analyses to include in dashboards, with more complexity as the course


Learn To:

  • Build analyses and dashboards.

  • Build and use views and graphs in analyses.

  • Create and modify Oracle BI dashboards.

  • Include pivot tables and graphs on the dashboards.

  • Use the BI Composer to create and edit analyses.

End Users

Oracle BI 11gR1: Build Repositories
  • Build and use views and charts in analyses

  • Create & modify Interactive Dashboards

  • Create & modify Oracle BI analyses using Analyses Editor
  • Use BI Composer
  • Use hierarchical columns in analyses and views
Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 

Introduction to Oracle BI

Architecture overview


Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses

Introduction to Oracle BI Analysis Editor

Oracle BI column types

Working with analyses in Oracle BI

Using advanced formatting


Limiting and Grouping Data in Analyses

Introduction to filters and selections

Creating, editing, and grouping filters

Adding prompts to analyses

Dynamic filtering

Using saved analyses as filters


Working with Views and Graphs in Analyses

Introduction to views, graphs, and editors

Working with views in Compound Layouts

Creating and editing graphs

Linking master-detail views

Performing common view tasks


Showing Results With Pivot Tables

Creating, arranging, and formatting a pivot table

Using hierarchical columns

Sorting in pivot tables

Setting aggregation and using totals

Showing an item's relative value

Building calculations and displaying running sums


Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

Creating and editing dashboards

Using the Dashboard Builder

Exploring dashboard object properties and options

Publishing dashboard pages

Creating personal customizations and using other page options


Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

Exploring types of dashboard content

Embedding content in dashboards


Creating Dashboard Prompts and Variables

Understanding variables

Adding a named dashboard prompt to a dashboard

Adding a hidden named dashboard prompt to a dashboard

Creating additional prompt page and setting page preferences

Adding variable prompts to a dashboard


BI Composer

Examining BI Composer Components

Creating an Analysis by Using BI Composer