Oracle Cloud Services Admin Essentials

Course Fees: $1278.00 excl. GST
Printed Manual: $45.00 excl. GST
Course Duration: 1 days
Course Manual

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This course covers the fundamentals of administering, monitoring, and provisioning services in Oracle Cloud. At the end of this course, the cloud administrators, who configure and maintain the cloud platform, would understand all aspects regarding cloud provisioning and management.

This training also covers best practices, regular knowledge checks, and hands-on exercises on the Oracle Cloud administration.

Learn How To:
  • Manage Oracle Cloud Accounts
  • Provision Oracle Cloud Services
  • Manage Oracle Cloud Services
  • Monitor Service Status, Account Balance, and Usage
  • Manage Identity and Access

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll empower yourself as a Cloud administrator with the required Oracle Cloud administration knowledge to provision, manage, and monitor Oracle Cloud services and user accounts in your company.

  • Cloud Administrator
Oracle Cloud Services Advanced Administration
  • Monitor Service Status, Account Balance, and Usage
  • Manage Identity and Access
  • Plan Migration to Oracle Cloud
  • Understand Cloud Administration and Identify Administrator Roles in the Cloud Environment
  • Understand the Basic Oracle Cloud Concepts and Terminologies
  • Get Started with Administering Oracle Cloud
  • Provision Oracle Cloud Services
  • Manage Oracle Cloud Accounts and Services

Course Overview

  • Skills Required to Become a Cloud Administrator
  • Administrative Roles in the Cloud
  • Evolution of Roles and Responsibilities in the Cloud
  • Course Objectives and Schedule
  • Division of Administrative and Management Responsibilities

Getting Started with Administering Oracle Cloud

  • Describe Oracle Cloud Administration Tools
  • Overview of SSH Keys
  • Overview of Oracle Cloud Terminologies

Account Management: Managing Oracle Cloud Accounts

  • Managing Your Account and Subscriptions: Activate Orders, My Admin Accounts and Quota Breach Details
  • Managing Your Account and Subscriptions: View Account Usage Details
  • Modifying the Language and Time Zone Preferences
  • Exploring the My Services Dashboard
  • Enabling Oracle Support to Troubleshoot Issues
  • Managing Your Account and Subscriptions: View and Manage Subscriptions

Provisioning an Oracle Cloud Service

  • Creating a Service Instance (Storage)
  • Creating a Service Instance (Java)
  • Verify that an Instance is Running
  • Creating a Service Instance (Database)

Service Management: Managing Oracle Cloud Services

  • Locking and Unlocking Associated Services
  • Configuring Alert Rules
  • Managing Service Instances and Associations Between Services
  • About Predefined SFTP Accounts
  • Testing Network Throughput
  • Requesting and Approving Access to Oracle Cloud Services in Other Domains
  • Scheduling Service Requests for Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Monitoring Notifications and Setting Notification Preferences

Monitoring Service Status, Account Balance, and Usage

  • Monitoring Real-Time Usage Across Services
  • Monitoring Status and Uptime Percentage for a Service and Service Instance
  • Monitoring Current and Historical Utilization for a Service
  • Viewing Account Balance Details
  • Monitoring Service Resource Usage

Managing Identity and Access

  • Security and Identity Management Best Practices
  • Federated SSO: Activating and Deactivating an Identity Provider
  • OAuth: Adding a Trusted Client Application
  • OAuth: Activating the Client Application
  • Assigning Administrative and Application Roles to a User
  • Federated SSO: Adding an SAML Identity Provider
  • Adding Users to Oracle Cloud Services

Planning for Migration to an Oracle Cloud Enterprise

  • Overview of Size and Capacity Planning
  • Integrating Oracle Cloud into Your Corporate Network
  • Planning for Migration to Oracle Cloud