Unix and Linux Essentials NEW

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Course Duration: 3 days
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The UNIX and Linux Essentials course is designed to provide users and administrators who are new to the Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux operating systems with the basic UNIX skills they need to interact comfortably and confidently with the operating system.

The course covers a range of basic UNIX skills including managing files and directories from the command line to performing remote connections and file transfers. The course provides an intensive hands-on experience with the goal of preparing users and administrators to perform more advanced tasks in the Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux operating systems.

  • Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • End Users
  • Knowledge of basic networking concepts
    Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
  • Describe the UNIX operating system
  • Work with files and directories
  • Use the vi editor to create and modify files
  • Use commands within the default shell
  • View and modify file and directory permissions
  • Manage processes
  • Use advanced shell features in shell scripts
  • Archive files and perform remote file transfer
  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Overview of the UNIX Operating System
  • Executing Commands from the Command Line


    Working with Files and Directories

  • Determining Where You Are in the Directory Structure
  • Viewing File Content
  • Copying Files and Directories
  • Creating and Removing Files and Directories
  • Searching Files and Directories


    Using the vi Editor

  • Introducing the vi Editor
  • Modifying Files with the vi Editor


    Using Commands within the Default Shell

  • Using Shell Expansion
  • Using Variables in the Bash Shell
  • Displaying the Command History
  • Redirecting Commands
  • Working with User Initialization Files


    Using Basic File Permissions

  • Viewing File and Directory Permissions
  • Changing the Permissions
  • Modifying Default Permissions


    Performing Basic Process Control

  • System Processes Overview
  • Managing Processes


    Using Advanced Shell Features in Shell Scripts

  • Using Advanced Shell Features
  • Creating Shell Scripts


    Archiving Files and Performing Remote Transfer

  • Archiving and Retrieving Files
  • Compressing, Viewing, and Uncompressing Files
  • Performing Remote Connections and File Transfers