PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Admin Rel 9.1

Course Fees: $6710.00 excl. GST
Printed Manual: $0.00 excl. GST
Course Duration: 5 days
Course Manual

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal is a platform on which users can rapidly and cost-effectively combine web solutions with other third-party applications, homegrown solutions, and internet content, to create business-focused communities. The Enterprise Portal Administration class is designed for portal administrators. A wide range of topics is covered in this five-day offering. Students will leave this class with a thorough understanding of the tasks needed to set up and administer PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal.

Learn To:

  • Set up PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal
  • Administer the Portal
  • Combine web solutions
  • Manage Portal content
  • Manage Collaborative Features
  • Configure and use Resource Finder
Portal Developer
System Analysts
Technical Consultant
Web Administrator

Suggested Prerequisites

Working knowledge of PeopleSoft Architecture
Working knowledge of PeopleSoft data organization
Working knowledge of user validation
General understanding of internet portal technologies

PeopleTools I Rel 8.48, PeopleTools II Rel 8.48, PeopleTools I/PeopleTools II - Accelerated Rel 8.48
  • Set up and administer an enterprise portal
  • Manage portal content
  • Manage Collaborative Features
  • Set up and use the search engine
  • Configure and use Resource Finder
Describing Enterprise Portal
PeopleTools Portal Technology
Portal Products
Finding Information About PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal in PeopleBooks

Describing Portal Infrastructure

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
Database Server
Web Server
Application Server
Content Retrieval and Page Assembly

Administering Portal Homepages
Personalizing the Content and Layout of a Homepage
Customizing a Homepage
Using the Guests Homepage as an Alternative Sign On Page

Setting Up the Portal Registry

Maintaining the Portal Navigation Structure
Adding Content References
Adding PeopleSoft Script-based Content References
Adding Component-based Content References
Using the Portal Registry API

Maintaining Portal Security

The PeopleSoft Security Model
Portal Registry Security

Defining Nodes and Single Sign-on

Defining PeopleSoft Nodes
Configuring Nodes
Enabling Single Sign-on
Maintaining User IDs and Roles
Synchronizing User Profiles Across PeopleSoft Databases

Accessing Content

Configuring Nodes
Setting Up Single Link
Installing Content Provider Portal Pack and Navigation Projects

Administering Portal Navigation

Creating and Maintaining Navigation Collections
Using Images in Navigation Collections
Publishing Navigation Collections
Using My Links

Explaining Presentation

Modifying Style Sheets and Style Classes
Branding Components
Creating Branding Themes

Creating Pagelets

Using the Pagelet Wizard
Creating Component-Based Pagelets
Deleting, Copying, and Moving Pagelets

Explaining Site Management

Creating a Site
Administering a Site
Publishing to a Site
Moving Sites Between Databases

Using Content Management

Using the Content Management Center Pagelet
Creating Folders
Creating Content
Managing Content
Creating a Content Pagelet for the Homepage

Describing Content Categorization

Browsing Content
Describing the Categorization Spider
Creating Content Taxonomies
Running the Content Categorization Spider

Managing News Publications

Creating News Publications
Administering Content
Publishing Articles
Submitting Articles

Managing Collaborative Workspaces

Setting Up Collaborative Workspaces
Creating and Managing a Workspace Template
Creating and Managing a Workspace

Managing Collaborative Tools
Setting Up and Managing Discussion Forums
Managing Discussion Content and Participation
Administering Community Calendar
Administering Action Items

Explaining Intelligent Context Management

Types of Related Information
Setting Up Context Management
Adding Context Sensitive Content
Using Content Ratings
Tracking Usage

Explaining the Search Engine

PeopleSoft Search Technology
Building a Search Index
Searching the Portal
Using the Saved Search Pagelet
Setting Up Saved Searches
Identifying Additional Search Indexes

Using Resource Finder

Building a Resource Finder Search Collection
Configuring Resource Finder
Setting Up Core Tables
Setting Up Participant Profiles