PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.55

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Course Duration: 3 days
Course Manual

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  • Create fluid pages and components and make them available to end users. 
  • Understand the PeopleSoft Fluid technology. 
  • Use PeopleSoft Fluid technology
  • Application Developers
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Portal Developer
  • System Analysts
  • Team Leader
  • Technical Consultant

PeopleCode Rel 8.53, PeopleTools I Rel 8.53, PeopleSoft PeopleTools II Rel 8.53
  • Demonstrate competency in the tasks comprising fluid application development
  • Describe characteristics of a fluid application
  • Identify and use the elements of fluid applications
  • Design, create, and deploy fluid pages
  • Control layout and look and feel of a fluid application page using CSS 3.0
  • Manage fluid homepages and tiles
  • Identify and use PeopleCode constructs designed for fluid applications
  • Apply the principals and guidelines of fluid application development methodology
  • Implement fluid search page options
Technology Overview
  • Describing PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface
  • Recognizing the Demand for Responsive Applications
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Fluid Application

Working with the Elements of a Fluid Application
  • Working with the Fluid Banner
  • Working with the Navigation Bar
  • Working with Fluid Homepages

Creating Fluid Pages
  • Creating Fluid Page Definitions
  • Using Group Boxes to Create Page Element Containers
  • Identifying Fluid Properties for Pages and Group Boxes
  • Adding Page Controls
  • Using Subpages to Streamline Page Layout

Working with Fluid Components
  • Describing Fluid Components
  • Setting Component Properties
  • Registering Components
  • Setting Content Reference Attributes for Fluid Components

Using PeopleCode in Fluid Applications
  • Identifying Fluid PeopleCode Contructs
  • Using and Applying Fluid PeopleCode Contructs
  • Using the Fluid Page Utilities Classes (PT_PAGE_UTILS)

Managing Fluid Page Display with CSS
  • Describing how PeopleTools uses CSS with Fluid Applications
  • Explaining the Reccomendations Surrounding Customizing and Modifying CSS
  • Locating the Delivered Style Sheets for Fluid Applications
  • Working with Free Form Style Sheets
  • Working with Delivered Style Classes

Working with Search Pages
  • Understanding how Fluid Applications use Search Pages
  • Implementing Real-Time Component Search with Pivot Grids
  • Implementing Keyword Component Search with Search Framework
  • Using the Search Results Page

Testing Fluid Pages
  • Identifying Supported Browsers and Devices
  • Describing Available Testing Options in the Industry
  • Verifying Group Box Container Contents
  • Using PeopleTools Form Factor Testing Features

Working with Fluid Homepages and Dashboards
  • Understanding Fluid Homepages
  • Personalizing Fluid Homepages
  • Creating and Managing Fluid Homepages
  • Managing System Settings for Fluid
  • Creating and Managing Fluid Dashboards

Working with Tiles and Tile Wizard
  • Understanding Tiles and the Tile Repository
  • Managing Fluid Attributes of Content References
  • Working with Tile Wizard