PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.1

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Course Duration: 4 days
Course Manual

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In this course, students are introduced to the entire PeopleSoft Payables process, from setting up system tables to running Payables reports. Students create their own business units and vendors to use throughout the class. Students learn the different voucher types and how to copy information into vouchers using purchase orders. This course also introduces students to contract vouchers and recurring vouchers.This course processes vouchers through PayCycle and posting payments. Students learn how to manage data through mass updates and inquiries. Students also learn the basics of Journal Generator and how to send accounting entries to the general ledger. This course also covers how to review accounting entries and other Payables information.

Learn To:

  • Work with vouchers
  • Process vouchers through PayCycle
  • Manage data through mass updates and inquiries
  • Work with the Journal Generator
  • Send accounting entries to the general ledger
  • Set up control tables

Functional Implementer

Suggested Prerequisites

Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts
Use of control tables to enforce business rules
Able to run processes and reports

Intro to PS for FMS and SCM Rel 8.9
  • Describe PeopleSoft Payables
  • Set up Payables data
  • Identify the way PeopleSoft stores data
  • Explain PeopleSoft reporting tools
  • Construct PeopleSoft Payables transactions
  • Manage PeopleSoft Payables processes
  • Analyze PeopleSoft Payables data
Defining Core Tables
Setting Installation Options
Utilizing TableSets
Establishing User Preferences
Creating Locations
Identifying Currency Options
Defining ChartFields
Creating Accounting Entry Templates
Setting Up Sales and Use Tax Options

Setting Up Payables Business Units

Identifying General Ledger Business Units
Viewing Commitment Control Options
Creating a Payables Definition
Modifying Payables Options

Defining Banks

Identifying Common Banking Terms
Identifying the Basic Steps of Bank Setup
Defining Banks
Setting up Bank Branches
Defining External Accounts

Setting up Payment Data

Entering Payment Terms
Setting up Additional Payment Data

Adding Vendors

Explaining Vendors
Establishing Vendor Information
Adding Vendors
Explaining Vendor Conversations
Deactivating Vendors

Entering Miscellaneous Data

Enabling Entry Events
Defining Landed Costs

Processing Vouchers

Identifying Voucher Basics
Identifying Voucher Types
Manually Uploading Vouchers
Creating Quick Invoice Entries
Closing, Unposting and Deleting Vouchers
Updating Open Items
Correcting Voucher Errors
Approving Vouchers

Utilizing Control Groups
Creating Control Groups
Deleting a Control Group
Running the Control Group Register

Creating Voucher Contracts

Describing Voucher Contracts
Establishing Contract Set Controls
Defining Voucher Contracts
Closing Voucher Contracts
Processing Batch Vouchers

Creating a Pay Cycle

Identifying Payment Creation Steps
Running the Pay Cycle
Viewing Payment References
Creating a Manual Positive Payment
Managing Trouble Shooting
Posting Payments


Explaining Matching
Entering Match Rules and Tolerances
Creating Debit Memos
Viewing Matching Reports

Creating and Managing Payments

Using Express Checks
Creating Manual Payments
Canceling Payments
Processing Escheated Payments
Processing Rescheduled Payments
Creating Drafts

Running Batch Processes
Running Journal Generator
Viewing Open Liabilities

Running Inquiries and Reports

Viewing PeopleSoft Payables Inquiries
Viewing Payables Metrics
Running Payables Reports

Entering Vouchers

Entering Regular Vouchers
Identifying Voucher Types
Entering Quick Invoices
Running Voucher Spreadsheet Upload