PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation & Server Admin. Rel 8.53

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Course Duration: 5 days
Course Manual

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This PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation & Server Admin. Rel 8.53 training covers the installation and implementation of the PeopleTools 8.53 components used to deploy PeopleSoft applications. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to install the required software and create the primary servers that are part of the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture.

Learn To:

Describe the PeopleSoft databases and how they are created.
Describe the role of PeopleTools in PeopleSoft applications and design/construct a PeopleTools implementation.
Explain PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and the implications for system design and implementation.
Install PeopleSoft components on a web server and configure that server to support access to a PeopleSoft application.
Describe, create and administer PeopleSoft Application Server domains, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler domains and the batch environment.
Use monitoring tools to observe, troubleshoot and tune the PIA environment.
Configure and manage the Oracle SES-based PeopleSoft Search Framework.
Implement PeopleTools server caching options.

Benefits to You

Will help you understand the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture and implications for system design and implementation. You will practice installing middleware components (Oracle Tuxedo), PeopleSoft environment (PeopleTools), PeopleSoft databases, web components (Oracle WebLogic) and PeopleSoft Search Framework (Oracle SES).

Tuxedo-Based Application Server Domains

You will also learn how to create, configure and administer Tuxedo-based application server domains and the PeopleSoft batch environment, including PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. In addition, you will configure end user search options, provided by the Oracle SES-based PeopleSoft Search Framework.

Please Note:

This five-day course is taught in a Microsoft Windows environment using the Oracle database platform. 

Database Administrators
Database Designers
Functional Implementer
System Analysts
Technical Administrator
Technical Consultant
Web Administrator

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic understanding of Enterprise PeopleTools

Experience working with and configuring servers PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Rel 8.53
PeopleSoft PeopleTools I Rel 8.53
PeopleTools II Rel 8.53
  • Describe the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and its implications for system design and implementation
  • Describe and install middleware components, PeopleSoft environment, and PeopleSoft databases
  • Create, configure, and administer the application server domains
  • Install and configure the PIA web components
  • Describe, create, and administer the PeopleSoft batch server environment
  • Use monitoring tools to observe, troubleshoot, and tune the PIA environment
  • Design and construct a PeopleTools implementation
  • Install PeopleBooks

Course Overview

Course Objectives Course Agenda


Technology Overview

Describing the functions of PeopleTools in PeopleSoft applications
Categorizing PeopleTools
Describing PeopleTools in an Implementation
Describing How to Find Information About Oracle PeopleTools in PeopleSoft Online Help


Describing PeopleSoft Architecture

Describing the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture Describing How PeopleSoft Uses Databases Contrasting PeopleSoft Servers
Discussing PeopleSoft Clients

Designing a Configuration for an Application


Installing the PeopleSoft Environment

Preparing for the Installation of the PeopleSoft Environment Describing PeopleSoft Installation Tools
Building a PeopleTools Installation
Installing a PeopleTools Patch

Setting Up Windows Workstations


Installing PeopleSoft Databases

Describing PeopleSoft databases
Describing the Main PeopleSoft Database Install Tools Preparing for Database Installation
Summarizing Database Creation Steps
Running the Database Configuration Wizard
Creating Databases Manually Using Data Mover Performing Post Database Installation Testing


Installing Tuxedo and Jolt

Explaining Middleware
Summarizing Tuxedo in the PeopleSoft System Installing Tuxedo


Creating and Configuring Application Server Domains

Describing the Elements of an Application Server Domain Explaining Domain Server Processes and Functions
Using Specialized Domains
Describing Application Server Domain Configuration Options Exploring Additional Domain Configuration Options

Creating and Testing a Domain Configuration Starting and Stopping Domains
Testing a Domain


Administering Application Servers

Troubleshooting Common Domain Boot Problems Viewing Domain Status with PSADMIN
Working with the Tuxedo Command Line (tmadmin) Using PSADMIN to Reconfigure a Domain

Working with Multiple PS_CFG_HOME Locations


Administering the Web Server

Describing Common Web Server Elements Installing the Web Server


Installing and Configuring PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Installing the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Configuring the Browser Connection
Using PSADMIN to Manage PIA Domains and Sites

Modifying Configuration Options to Change PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Behavior Installing Multiple PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Domains and Sites
Using Load Balancing and Fail-Over Features for PeopleSoft Internet Architecture


Setting Up and Configuring the Batch Environment

Describing the Batch Environment
Describing Batch Process Flow
Creating Process Scheduler Domains
Modifying Process Scheduler Domain Configuration Settings Modifying Process Scheduler Server Definitions


Running Processes with Process Scheduler

Launching Processes Using the Process Monitor Describing Report Manager


Installing Oracle SES and Configuring PeopleSoft Search Framework

Explaining the Features of PeopleSoft Search Describing the PeopleSoft Search Framework Installing Oracle SES
Integrating PeopleSoft and Oracle SES


Deploying Search Definitions and Building Search Indexes

Locating Delivered Search Definitions
Deploying Search Definitions and Search Categories Building Search Indexes
Working with Incremental Index Updates


Configuring End User Search Options

Working with Search Framework Search Results Enabling Global Search
Enabling Keyword Search


Balancing Server Workload

Examining PeopleSoft Server Log Files
Describing Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tools
Evaluating Application Server Settings to Improve Performance Offloading Batch Processing Tasks
Configuring Application Server Load Balancing and Fail-Over


Selecting Cache Options

Using Server Cache Creating Shared Cache Configuring Database Cache


Course Review