PeopleTools Delta Rel 8.52-8.53

Course Fees: $2684.00 excl. GST
Printed Manual: $0.00 excl. GST
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Manual

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  • Create and use Pivot Grids.
  • Use BI Publisher Enhancements.
  • Enhance Queries using Query Drilling URLs.
  • Use and configure workcenters.
  • Use and configure dashboards.

Benefits to You

Investing in this course will help you take advantage of the valuable reporting and portal enhancements introduced in PeopleTools releases 8.51 through 8.53. You'll learn how to better meet your organizations business requirements.

  • System Analysts
  • Application Developers
  • Reports Developer
  • Developer
  • Portal Developer
PeopleTools 1 (8.51)

Configuring Workcenters and Dashboards

  • Describing Dashboard Pages
  • Creating and Configuring Dashboard Pages
  • Describing WorkCenter Pages
  • Describing the Development Process for WorkCenter Pages
  • Managing WorkCenter Page Configurations

Using Rich Text in BI Publisher

  • Describing Rich Text Support
  • Using RTE in BI Publisher Reports
  • Creating a Template that Includes Rich Text Editor Data

Using Common Templates in BI Publisher

  • Describing Common Templates
  • Creating a Report Definition Using Common Template
  • Using Oracle XSL Mapper

Introducing PeopleSoft Pivot Grid

  • Describing PeopleSoft Pivot Grid
  • Describing Pivot Grid Security
  • Using PSQuery Data Source
  • Using Pivot Grid Viewer
  • Displaying and Manipulating Query-Based Charts
  • Viewing and Manipulating Query-Based Grids

Using Pivot Grid Wizard

  • Describing the Steps Used to Create a Pivot Grid
  • Specifying Data Model and Data Options
  • Viewing and Updating the Pivot Grid Data Model

Creating and Viewing a Pivot Grid Pagelet

  • Creating and Viewing a Pivot Grid Pagelet Using the Pagelet Wizard

Drilling URLs in PeopleSoft Query

  • Building Query Drilling URLs for Different Content Types
  • Defining Free Form URL Widgets
  • Selecting Query Result Columns