EBS-11i Warehouse Mgmnt Fund

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Course Duration: 4 days
Course Manual

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Oracle Warehouse Management optimizes material handling business processes for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Oracle Warehouse Management supports both paper-based and highly automated environments with material handling systems and radio frequency hand-held computers.

In this course, students will learn how to set up and use Oracle Warehouse Management. Students will use hands on practices to perform many of the processing and inquiry transactions necessary to a warehouse environment, such as storage and facility management, inbound logistics, and outbound logistics.

Students will also participate in a case study that uses the concepts they learned during the week.LPN ManagementInbound LogisticsMaterial Status ControlOutbound LogisticsAdvanced Task FrameworkAdvanced Pick Load
Functional Implementer
Thorough knowledge of inventory management
  • Understand LPN management
  • Define rules
  • Create tasks
  • Set up material status control
  • Understand the receiving process
  • Understand the picking process
  • Understand items
  • Understand the packing process
  • Understand the put away process

Warehouse Management Overview
Explaining the basics of inbound, outbound, and warehousing
Explaining value added services
Defining key foundation terms

Receiving Material with Warehouse Management
Describing receiving flows
Describing how material is introduced in to the warehouse
Explaining advanced task framework

Warehousing Features

Defining tasks
Defining printers
Defining resources
Explaining the warehouse control board

Outbound Logistics

Explaining setup options for picking material
Defining picking rule setup and implementation
Defining task type rule setup and implementation
Discussing staging lanes and dock doors
Defining packing options