R12.x Oracle Project Billing Fundamental

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Course Duration: 2 days
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This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. In this course, students will learn about the implementation of R12.x Oracle Project Billing. The course encompasses key setup considerations, such as licensing, revenue and invoicing, agreements and funding, customers, auto accounting, inter project billing, customer billing retention, and integration with Oracle Receivables. It also explains some impacts of implementation decisions. Students will learn through the use of tutorials, supplemented with guided demonstrations and hands-on practices.
  • End Users 
  • Functional Implementer 
  • Sales Consultants
Understand the impacts of key implementation decisions
  • Identify the features of Oracle Project Billing 
  • Describe how Oracle Project Billing integrates with the Oracle eBusiness Suite 
  • Set up R12.x Oracle Project Billing
Overview of Oracle Project Billing
  • Contract Projects 
  • Accounting Transactions 
  • Agreements and Funding 
  • Multicurrency Billing 
  • Project Revenue 
  • Invoicing
  • Retention Billing 
  • Integration with Oracle Project Contracts

Defining a Contract Project
  • Project Classes and Templates 
  • Project Classes and Project Types 
  • Billing Setup 
  • Customers 
  • Currency Options 
  • Billability and Work Types 
  • Rates, Rate Schedules, Rate Precedence, and Rate Overrides 
  • Retention level and terms 

Agreements and Funding
  • Project Funding 
  • Hard Limits 
  • Agreements and Customers 
  • Multicurrency Billing 
  • Payment Terms 
  • Advance Payments 
  • Allocating Funds, Funding Levels 
  • Creating Baseline Budgets 

Generating Revenue
  • Revenue Accrual methods 
  • Hard Limit Processing 
  • Revenue events 
  • Generating Revenue 
  • Revenue in Foreign Currency 
  • Create Accounting 
  • Reviewing and Releasing Revenue 
  • Adjusting Revenue 

Generating Invoices
  • Invoice concepts and methods 
  • Event Billing 
  • Customer Billing Retention 
  • Billing Implementation Options 
  • Invoice Tax 
  • Interfacing Invoices to Receivables 
  • Receivables and SLA Accounting 
  • Adjustments 

Accounting for Revenue and Invoices
  • AutoAccounting 
  • Subledger Accounting 
  • Unbilled Receivables and Unearned Revenue 
  • Realized Gains and Losses 
  • Unbilled Retention 
  • Federal Budgetary Accounting

Interproject Billing
  • Definitions and Setups 
  • Internal Suppliers and Customers 
  • Provider and Receiver Controls 
  • Internal Billing Implementation Options 
  • Billing Extensions 
  • Adjustments 

  • Contract Projects 
  • Customer Relationships 
  • Agreements and Funding 
  • Revenue Accrual 
  • Muticurrency Billing 
  • Invoicing 
  • Accounting Interproject Billing