Oracle Database New Features Learning Subscription

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Course Duration: 365 days
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Oracle Database New Features Learning Subscription

Improve your potential as an Oracle 11g, 12c, or 12c R2 DBA with the online Oracle Database New Features Learning Subscription.

Your annual subscription includes more than 55 videos and 55 hours of content delivered on Oracle University’s new platform interface. Engage with continuously updated online material to ensure your knowledge evolves with each database enhancement.

Taking Oracle Database 18c New Features Training Leads to Better TCO, Lower Downtime, and Greater Efficiencies

Access easily consumable video content sorted by topic. Each course module walks you through a specific feature of Oracle Database 18c you can use to benefit your business.

New Features Include:

  • Leveraging enhancements in Multitenant
  • Managing Security
  • Using RMAN
  • General Database and Improving Performance
  • Big Data and Data Warehousing
  • Sharding Enhancements implementations

Access the Latest Oracle Database Administrator Training

This database training is ideal for Oracle Database administrators who want to fully understand the new features and capabilities associated with the latest Oracle Database releases.

Oracle Database 18c continues to innovate as the first Oracle Database product that will follow an annual release model. This results in a simplification of the releases with a product that introduces new changes more frequently.

Learn more about the topics covered in the 18c and 12c New Features for Administrators courses.

This online tutorial format gives you insight into the latest releases. DBAs that access subscription content will develop an understanding of how the features work to their fullest capabilities.

Get one year of continuous database training for not much more than the price of a single training course.

  • Purchasing this subscription is the most cost-effective way to get high quality Oracle Database training.
  • Taking a one-time online or classroom course will teach you how to leverage new database features, however, you may have to pay for another course to get trained on the next set of enhancements.
  • Subscribe now to spend your training budget more efficiently.
  • Database analyst
  • Database architect
  • Database administrator

Certification Exams Included with this Subscription

Achieve professional recognition for your expertise with an Oracle Certification. The Oracle Database 18c Upgrade exam will be added to this subscription when it's available. This learning subscription provides you with one attempt to pass the following Oracle Certification exams, at no additional charge, during the one-year subscription period. Pass the exams and earn the corresponding Oracle Certification to validate your database expertise to current and prospective employers.


  • Oracle Database 18c
  • Oracle Database 12c R2
  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle Database 11g

Skills Learned


  • Discover Oracle Database New Features on Multitenant architecture and learn how they can help meet your business needs, Become more familiar with CDB fleet, PDB snapshots carousel, dynamic container map, lockdown profile inheritance, static & dynamic lockdown profiles, refreshable copy PDB switchover, parallel statement queuing at PDB level , and PDB cloning with DBCA
  • Increase security with schema only accounts, PDB keystore in isolated mode versus united mode, user-defined TDE master key, export and import database links, encryption of sensitive data in Database Replay files, Database Replay capture and replay with Database Vault, and direct Active Directory Services integration
  • Explore private temporary tables, Data Pump import with a new option of the DATA_OPTIONS parameter, online modification of partitioning and subpartitioning strategy, online merging partitions and subpartitions, batched DDL generation by using DBMS_METADATA_DIFF package, and benefit from Unicode 9.0 Support
  • Increase performance configuration and usage of Automatic In-Memory, IMEs window capture, memoptimized rowstore feature and use of In-Memory Hash Index structures, description of the new SQL Tuning Set package, the concurrency of SQL execution of SQL Performance Analyzer tasks, the SQL Performance Analyzer Result Set Validation, SQL Exadata-aware profile
  • Work with support for PDBs as shards, Oracle GoldenGate enhancements for Oracle Sharding support, and query system objects across shards on how to set multi-shard query data consistency level, sharding support for JSON, LOBs, and spatial objects, improved multi-shard query enhancements, and where to find Oracle Sharding documentation in Oracle Database 18c
  • Learn how to query inlined external tables, In-memory external tables, analytic view new query capabilities, polymorphic table functions and the new functions for approximate Top-N queries
  • Interact with expert instructors who lead hands-on exercises and demonstrations; product experts guide you through using these new and enhanced features for any Oracle Database instance you are working with