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ServiceNow Fundamentals

(Formerly "System Administration") Designed for system administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. Implement various system admin functions in your own instance, learning to perform fundamental admin & config tasks

ServiceNow Advanced Administration

Deep dive into Service Catalog, Reporting, Workflows, CMS, web-services integrations & more. Administer, fine-tune features based on organizational needs, & improve the user experience. Implement new workflows, create Access Controls, and change system settings.

Performance Analytics Fundamentals

Master the setup, configuration, & usage of the ServiceNow PA application (Premium version). The course is designed for PA Administrators, Power Users, & Business Process Owners who require deeper service insight through Performance Analytics.

Performance Analytics Advanced

Builds on the knowledge obtained in the Performance Analytics Fundamentals course. Apply advanced reporting, performance analytics, and application admin skills to take your historic trends and measurements to the next level

Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals

Extend ServiceNow with Scripting. Learn how to use the ServiceNow JavaScript API, take advantage of the extensibility of ServiceNow, and add new functionality or modify the baseline behavior of an instance.

Application Development Fundamentals

Build an award-winning loaner equipment application by working through a checklist of considerations for application creation, including decisions such as creating an application table vs. extending an existing table, and determining how users will interact with the application.

Discovery Fundamentals

Lays the groundwork for mature infrastructure operations management. Using probes, sensors, and discovery patterns, this ITOM application captures IP-enabled configuration items (CIs), and maps their relationships ?& dependencies, in your ServiceNow CMDB? through a combination of course content and lab work.


Service Portal Fundamentals

Learn how to use the Service Portal  application to configure, customize, and extend components to create a Service Portal  in your own student instance; a safe sandbox

ServiceNow Orchestration

Automate Processes for Fast, Predictable Results

Project Portfolio Management Fundamentals

Learn how to efficiently manage the project lifecycle with ServinceNow PPM. Learn the suite of  tools & understand the specific role each application plays. Understand the solution architecture ?& deployment options & master the ?pm toolbox...

HR Service Delivery Fundamentals

Explore HR Skills, groups and roles, Case Management, and more